Oki Okidata ML620 ML420 (new ML320 Series) Super Speed Serial RS-232C 44455101


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Oki Okidata ML320 Turbo serial adapter, ML321 serial adapter, ML420 serial card, ML421 Serial adapter Card ML620 serial card adapter, ML621 serial adapter. Series (see further information to see if your OKI dot matrix printer is compatible with this OKI serial card) Super Speed Serial RS-232C

Provides a standard RS232C serial interface.

With an OKI super-speed RS-232C serial interface, users of selected dot matrix printer models can easily and conveniently set up print parameters and issue commands directly from their computer screen, as well as manually via the printer control panel. This user-installable option also lets you monitor the printer’s readiness.


  • Data Transfer Rate: Up to 19.2 Kbps
  • Compatibility: Oki Okidata ML620 printer, Oki Okidata ML621 printer, Oki Okidata ML690 printer, Oki Okidata ML691 printer as well as Oki Okidata ML320 Turbo printer, Oki Okidata ML321 Turbo printer, and Oki Okidata ML420 printer, Oki Okidata ML421 Series printers sold after May 2011

This Okidata RS232C Serial Card is compatible with ML600 Series and newer versions (sold after May 2011) of existing printer models for the ML300 Turbo Series and ML400 Series Oki printers.

Compatible with the latest revision of each model. See part number 70012801 for the older ML320 / ML321 serial card for printers made before May 2011.

Example Serial Number on Printer: AE89047514C0 Part number 44455101 compatibility is based on the last two letters/numbers at the end of the serial number. ML320 Rev. I0 and Higher ML 321 Turbo Rev. I0 and Higher ML420 Rev. E0 and Higher ML421 Rev. E0 and Higher ML620 All Revisions ML621 All Revisions

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